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The Transformative Power of Networks

Lisa Jones | November 21, 2014
“We’re learning things that can’t be learned anywhere else.” “I’m asking the hard questions…redefining who I am.” “The world feels like a less...

Filming the Catadores: What I learned from Brazil’s Waste Pickers

Anna Sowa | November 18, 2014
It was last October as a 2013 Laureate Global Fellow that I first set foot in Brazil. During the fellowship retreat, Dr. James Toole helped Fellows navigate our entrepreneurial journeys and plan...

En Route to Change: Reflections on my Fellowship Experience

Anoka Abeyrathne | November 5, 2014
20 Fellows. 17 Countries. One week in Peru. I sit in the Paris airport, exhausted after more than 25 hours of flying—Lima to Miami to Paris. The weight of leaving Peru hits me and I blink back...

2014 Laureate Global Fellowship Events

Lisa Jones | October 8, 2014
Qasim is working in Pakistan to encourage history students to examine their textbooks more closely--to understand the other side of every story and to question their assumptions. Yaseen creates open-...

Social Design Webinar Series

Lisa Jones | August 27, 2014
Can designers make a difference? Increasingly, designers are taking prominent roles in the creation of initiatives for solving social issues. In a recent two-part YouthActionNet webinar series ,...