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Impact Investing Advice from a Social Entrepreneur who's Been There

Lisa Jones | June 9, 2014
2013 Laureate Global Fellow Alejandro Maza Ayala recently shared his insider advice about the world of impact investing through YouthActionNet's "Living Leadership" webinar series . As...

Dancing Across Borders: Mayibuye's Journey to Global Impact

Lisa Jones | March 13, 2014
2013 Laureate Global Fellow Kumari Middleton recently led a YouthActionNet webinar entitled "Dancing Across Borders: Mayibuye's Journey to Global Impact." Kumari's presentation...

Coaching Demystified: Webinar Debrief

Lisa Jones | December 9, 2013
Coach, mentor, advisor, champion--there are many similar terms that describe an individual you share your personal or professional journey with. How do you know where to begin? In our latest webinar...

Bold Or Insane? Rafael's Quest To Re-Think Recycling

Lisa Jones | May 22, 2013
"Less than 1% of materials are recycled in Brazil--In the next five years, it is my hope that S.O.S. will be responsible for increasing this industry to at least 1%." The percentages may...

For The Love Of Nature

Sheila Kinkade | April 22, 2013
As environmental activists, among them dozens of YouthActionNet Fellows, acknowledge Earth Day 2013 and its focus on climate change, the question remains: how do you fundamentally transform human...

Tolu Sangosanya Makes LOTS Happen

Lisa Jones | April 19, 2013
I will never forget the moment I met Tolu at the Laureate Global Fellowship Retreat last fall in Istanbul, Turkey. She didn't hesitate to confide in me that it was her first time traveling...

Online Books Open Up New World For Children With Autism

Lisa Jones | April 2, 2013
Research suggests that 1 out of every 150 children fit the broad definition of autism. (1) What better day than today, World Autism Awareness Day, to take a step towards better understanding the...

The Story Behind KOSOVO 2.0

Lisa Jones | March 14, 2013
As a young girl living through the Kosovo war, Besa Luci was frustrated with the media. She felt they were always asking the wrong questions, and dreamed of a day that the voice of the masses would...

Bike Love: A Revolution Of Simplicity

Lisa Jones | March 1, 2013
We know that bicycles are better for the environment and better for our health than driving cars, but one young man from Fremantle, Australia believes that bicycles also have the power to change...