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Earth Day Reflection: Making Every Person Part of the Solution

Sheila Kinkade | April 22, 2014
In the past, when hearty shoots of spring flowers sprouted outside my front door, I took comfort in the resilience of nature, welcoming this season of renewal. But this year was different. The latest...

Dancing Across Borders: Mayibuye's Journey to Global Impact

Lisa Jones | March 13, 2014
2013 Laureate Global Fellow Kumari Middleton recently led a YouthActionNet webinar entitled "Dancing Across Borders: Mayibuye's Journey to Global Impact." Kumari's presentation...

Celebrating Youth-led Innovation in Mexico

Lisa Jones | March 12, 2014
At a recent awards ceremony in Mexico City, ten new Fellows from YouthActionNet's Premio UVM por el Desarrollo Social (UVM Prize for Social Innovation) were honored alongside three inaugural...

Challenging Perceptions of the Role of Women in Jordan: The SheFighter Story

Lina Khalifeh | March 7, 2014
In 2010, I began thinking about training women in self-defense. As a Taekwondo 3DAN black belt expert, I was more than qualified—but I hesitated. Most women are not typically interested in the...

Paying Tribute to the African Renaissance

Jessie Elisberg | February 28, 2014
If you have been to Dakar in the past few years, no matter how little of the city you see (even if you never set foot outside of the airport), there is one sight you will not miss: the Monument to...