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Storytelling Resources for Change Leaders

Sheila Kinkade | July 18, 2014
While few would question the value of powerful storytelling in today’s world, the art and craft of delivering memorable stories is something change leaders perfect over a lifetime. So what...

Social Entrepreneurs are Creating Greater Value(s) and Will Dominate the Future’s Success Stories

Oliver Guinness | July 16, 2014
Twenty years ago approximately 95 percent of stock market capitalization was comprised of traditional assets. Today such assets represent less than 30 percent of total market cap. This is because the...

2014 Laureate Global Fellows

Sheila Kinkade | July 10, 2014
Meet the 2014 Laureate Global Fellows —20 young social entrepreneurs from 17 countries who have pioneered solutions to some of the world's toughest challenges. Learn more about their...

Designing 21st Century Higher Education

Miriam Reyes Oliva | July 7, 2014
With my first social impact venture, Aprendices Visuales , it took me one year to finally decide to take action on my idea, three years to make it sustainable, and two more years to discover that my...

University Connect at Georgetown

Anne Johnson | June 12, 2014
Sitting in front of my computer in early January, I was stumped. Paging through information on young social entrepreneurs who had applied to collaborate with my classmates and I at Georgetown through...