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Through the "Living Leadership" webinar series, YouthActionNet explores cutting-edge issues related to youth-led social change, including emerging trends, strategies employed by young social entrepreneurs to increase impact, and approaches for solving common challenges faced by young leaders. Guest speakers include industry experts and Fellows who share their first-hand experiences in leading and sustaining successful social ventures.

The Leadership Lessons series is made possible with support from Laureate International Universities and the American Express Foundation.

Gearing Up for Change: Transition Planning Advice

For young change makers who often feel that their identity is inextricably linked to that of their venture, it can be challenging to transition to a new chapter in their personal and professional journeys. Questions abound: How do I tell my staff about my plan for transition? How can I build their capacity to successfully manage the organization? Will my decision affect relationships with our donors? In this webinar, Laureate Global Fellows Alex Budak, Ana Moraga, and Daniel Uribe share their first-hand experiences with transition planning, offering candid reflections on their mistakes and successes, and strategies for preparing an organization to thrive in the midst of transition. This webinar is made possible by Laureate International Universities and the American Express Foundation.