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Below are webinars hosted by YouthActionNet as part of its continuing education efforts. The webinars explore emerging trends in the field of social entrepreneurship, strategies employed by young social innovators, and common challenges these leaders face and how to overcome them. Guest speakers include industry experts and YouthActionNet fellows themselves who share their first-hand experiences in leading and sustaining successful social ventures. To view our full webinar playlist click here.

Social Design: Grounding Solutions in the Creative Process

Can designers make a difference? Increasingly, designers are taking prominent roles in the creation of initiatives for solving social issues. Discover the emerging field of social design with Jonathan Erwin and Mira Azarm from MICA and learn strategies to implement a human-centered, collaborative approach to creating innovative social change solutions. In this YouthActionNet Living Leadership Webinar, Jonathan and Mira lay out 7 key principles for the emerging field of social design and provide a case study to highlight how social design can be leveraged to generate social impact in the real world.
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