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Jessie Elisberg

Jessie Elisberg

How to Take Your Fellowship Application to the Next Level

Jessie Elisberg | February 15, 2016
Here at YouthActionNet, this is always an exciting time of year— we’ll see hundreds of young leaders from around the world apply to become one of the 20 social entrepreneurs selected for...

Paying Tribute to the African Renaissance

Jessie Elisberg | February 28, 2014
If you have been to Dakar in the past few years, no matter how little of the city you see (even if you never set foot outside of the airport), there is one sight you will not miss: the Monument to...

Chasing The Vision: New Milestones In YouthActionNet Africa Expansion

Jessie Elisberg | September 19, 2013
This summer has been a busy and exciting time for me, because in addition to the Laureate Global Fellowship, I get to work on YouthActionNet’s efforts to adapt our model for local and regional...