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2014 Laureate Global Fellows

Sheila Kinkade | July 10, 2014

Meet the 2014 Laureate Global Fellows—20 young social entrepreneurs from 17 countries who have pioneered solutions to some of the world's toughest challenges. Learn more about their innovative approaches to restoring degraded coastal areas, providing affordable, clean energy to urban slum communities, improving emergency health care, and equipping young volunteers with the skills needed to improve educational outcomes in understaffed schools. 

Africa & the Middle East

Hamza Arsbi, 23, Jordan
Believing that science has the power to solve many of society’s toughest challenges, Hamza launched the Scientific Culture Society to improve science education in Jordan while fostering critical thinking and scientific experimentation among students.

Benjamin Bonnell, 29, Senegal
Through Hotaï Village, Benjamin promotes alternative tourism, linking travelers to volunteer opportunities. Visitors to Joal-Fadiouth, a coastal community in western Senegal, contribute to the area’s social and economic development through working in schools and hospitals, constructing new facilities, cleaning beaches, and more.

Yaseen Khan, MD, 29, South Africa
Seeking to improve health care through the innovative use of mobile technology, Yaseen co-founded The Open Medicine Project South Africa (TOMPSA). TOMPSA creates open-access mobile applications that connect health workers with clinical information and the tools needed to support care decisions.

Peggy Mativo, 25, Kenya
To address overcrowding and understaffing in Kenyan schools, Peggy launched PACE, which recruits and trains recent high school graduates to volunteer as teaching assistants at schools.

Wiclif Otieno, 28, Kenya
Wiclif founded Kito International to prepare street youth, ages 17 to 24, for a better life. Its holistic approach includes training in life skills, financial literacy, entrepreneurship, and basic IT, along with professional development.


Asia & The Pacific

Anoka Abeyrathne, 23, Sri Lanka
Through Growin’ Money, Anoka promotes economic and environmental sustainability through replanting mangroves that are then used by local community members to produce handicrafts and organic products.

Qasim Aslam, 26, Pakistan
Qasim founded The History Project to revolutionize how history is taught around the world. Through its programs, students studying history are encouraged to understand the other side of every story and to question their assumptions.

Cherrie Atilano, 27, Philippines
Cherrie co-founded Agricool at the Gawad Kalinga Enchanted Farm, a social agri-business, to encourage the younger generation to pursue careers in agri-related enterprises. Central to Agricool’s mission is promoting reverse migration from urban to rural areas to sustain local development and ensure no one is left behind.

Emma Colenbrander, 25, India
Through Pollinate Energy, Emma provides affordable, clean energy solutions designed to improve the lives of India’s fast-growing urban slum population. The social enterprise equips local entrepreneurs (Pollinators) to sell solar lamps and improved cookstoves in slum communities, resulting in reduced carbon emissions and improved health and wellbeing.

Mowmita Basak Mow, 23, Bangladesh
Through the Center for Leadership Assistance & Promotion (CLAP) Foundation, Mowmita equips youth volunteers with the leadership skills they need to build a more inclusive Bangladesh that honors and upholds the rights of social, ethnic, and religious minorities.

Surya Karki, 23, Nepal
Surya co-founded Maya Universe Academy as a youth-led movement to improve the quality of primary education in rural villages of Nepal through actively engaging parents and community members as part of the solution.


Ha Lam Thi Thuy, 27, Vietnam
With a passion for travel and experiencing diverse cultures, Ha Lam co-founded, a web-based platform, to enable travelers to book tours directly with local experts, promoting both local entrepreneurship and cultural awareness.



Enes Kaya, 26, Turkey
Through Cinema is in the Villages Now, Enes and a cadre of youth volunteers provide children and youth living in rural areas of Turkey with access to cultural activities—and the opportunity to expand their sense of what’s possible in their lives and communities.

Latin America & the Caribbean

Fabian Martinez, 28, Chile
Through, a free web-based platform, Fabian seeks to reduce social and economic divides by providing quality online education to students and teachers in Chile and throughout Latin America.


Ana Gabriela Loayza Nolasco, 25, Peru
Ana co-founded PER Creatives, an architecture studio that focuses on sustainable, socially-responsible initiatives, including Project Puno, an effort to design and build low-cost homes benefiting low-income families living at high altitude in the Andes.

Mariana Astrid Gonzalez Pacheco, 27, Mexico
Mariana co-founded Iluméxico, a social enterprise, to eradicate energy poverty by providing solar energy to rural communities in Mexico without electricity.


Daniel Uribe, 28, Costa Rica
Through Costas Verdes, Daniel empowers communities with the knowledge and tools to preserve precious coastal ecosystems. Through the initiative, more than 2,500 volunteers have planted over 10,000 trees, engaging local educational institutions and businesses as part of the solution.

Silvia Vargas, 28, Costa Rica
Through Yo hago el Cambio (I Make Change), Sylvia delivers integrated recycling services, including the collection of cooking oil to make biodiesel, to more than 35 restaurants and hotels, while also advising them on social responsibility practices and employee volunteerism strategies.


North America

Christen Brandt, 25, United States
Through She’s the First, Christen provides high school and university students across the U.S. with leadership and fundraising training to generate much-needed resources to support girls’ secondary educations in low-income countries.

Michael Long, 23, United States
Through SailFuture, Michael utilizes sailing and mentorship to inspire and empower youth at-risk to make transformative life changes.