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2014 Laureate Global Fellowship Events

Lisa Jones | October 8, 2014
Mariana Gonzalez, 2014 Laureate Global Fellow

Qasim is working in Pakistan to encourage history students to examine their textbooks more closely--to understand the other side of every story and to question their assumptions. Yaseen creates open-access mobile applications to connect healthcare workers with vital information in South Africa, and Mariana is eradicating energy poverty in Mexico using solar energy. What do they have in common?

Each is one of the twenty 2014 Laureate Global Fellows, a distinguished cohort of young founders and CEOs who have made substantial contributions to the communities and countries they live in, and are committed to learning how to deepen and expand their impact. From Oct. 14-21st, the Fellows will convene in Lima, Peru, for an intensive week of leadership training where they will challenge themselves, and each other, to push boundaries and approach their work through new perspectives. They will take home insight key to evolving as leaders, resources and tools to guide the development of their ventures, and a close-knit network of entrepreneurs who will support them along their social change journeys.

This weeklong event, sponsored by the Sylvan/Laureate Foundation, breaks down the silos that young entrepreneurs often operate in. Fellows return home with experience and insight gained from nineteen of their peers who have pioneered creative ways to succeed despite the obstacles facing today’s young leaders. Also contributing to the conversation will be students of Universidad Peruana de Ciencias Aplicadas (UPC), host of local YouthActionNet institute Premio Protagonistas del Cambio UPC and host to a public conference on social entrepreneurship taking place on October 20th, featuring the 2014 Laureate Global Fellows.

What can I expect on social media?

In order to shine a spotlight on the transformative power of young leaders connecting, YouthActionNet is committed to sharing key highlights from the Lima events. Young social entrepreneurs and those who support them can tune in daily from October 14-21st to hear the words of Fellows as they grapple with tough questions and share insights, lessons learned, and the stories of why they do what they do. Our social media followers can also expect to learn along with our Fellows as we share resources, guides, and other educational content related to what Fellows are learning each day of the workshop.

How do I get involved?

Join YouthActionNet in highlighting the 2014 Laureate Global Fellows and the October events by using the hashtag #LGF2014 in your tweets and Facebook posts from Oct. 14-21st. Tune in for live tweets during this time, and get involved by re-tweeting your favorite quotes from Fellows, sharing resources and educational content with your networks, and responding with your thoughts as we ask the tough questions of social entrepreneurship, from “When is the right time for expansion?” to “How will my organization operate without me?” Together, our words will tell the story not only of twenty Fellows gathered in Peru, but of young social entrepreneurs everywhere—the challenges they face and their commitment to tackling the world’s challenges in extraordinary ways.

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