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Global Network Members

Imagine a global network of youth leadership institutes—each committed to ensuring that young social entrepreneurs receive the support they need to achieve their social change goals. Through YouthActionNet, this vision is now a reality with 24 national/regional institutes on five continents—with more on the way.

Local institutes, launched in partnership with universities, foundations, and nongovernmental organizations, are deeply rooted in the context where they operate. Each identifies exceptional young social entrepreneurs, ages 18 to 29, who receive a 10-12 month fellowship, including training, mentoring, networking, funding, and advocacy opportunities. YouthActionNet institutes play a vital role in advocating for the role of youth-led social change in their respective countries—convening key stakeholders and advancing thought leadership related to the social entrepreneurship sector as a whole.

YouthActionNet’s first national institute was launched in Mexico by Universidad del Valle de México in 2006, with generous support from the Sylvan/Laureate Foundation. This program then served as a model for future programs created throughout the Laureate International Universities (LIU) network, where 15 institutes are now based.

Support for additional YouthActionNet institutes has been provided by corporations, foundations, and government agencies.

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