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National and Regional Programs

Recognizing that young leaders working in diverse contexts have different needs, YouthActionNet created a global network of national/regional youth leadership institutes. Today, that network spans 24 youth-serving Institutions—from Australia to Spain, Brazil to Nigeria.

  • ASE
  • Badir
  • young social entrepeneurs awards bilgi
  • Jovem Empreendedor Social – Universidade Anhembi Morumbi
  • Jovem Empreendedor Social – Universidade Potiguar
  • Innov4Africa
  • JETS
  • Jovem Empreendedor Social – Universidade Salvador
  • King Abullah
  • Premio Protagonistas del Cambio UPC
  • Premio Jovenes
  • Premio UNITEC
  • Premio UVM
  • Premio Yo Creo
  • SET Africa
  • SIP
  • Jovem Empreendedor Social – Centro Universitário do Norte
  • Programa Jovens
  • Young Social Pioneers
  • Entrepreneurs en Mouvement

While a majority of local institutes are housed in university settings, others are managed by foundations and/or or nongovernmental organizations. Each offers a comprehensive Fellowship experience based on a common leadership development framework, which is adapted and expanded to reflect the local context.

Firmly rooted in the environment where they operate, YouthActionNet institutes equip young social entrepreneurs with a customized, local-language learning experience. Selected Fellows benefit from advanced training, mentoring, advocacy, funding, and networking opportunities.

When asked to identify the greatest benefit of being selected to participate in a YouthActionNet institute, a majority of Fellows point to feeling part of something bigger, to having a close-knit support system of peers and staff to rely on now—and well into the future.

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