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Parisa Khosravi

Former Senior Vice President
CNN Worldwide

Parisa Khosravi is the founder and president of Payam Global Strategies.  Khosravi retired from CNN this year after nearly three decades with the company.  Throughout her career as Senior Vice President of international newsgathering, domestic newsgathering and global relations for CNN Worldwide, Khosravi led CNN's historic coverage of countless award-winning news stories.  CNN praised Khosravi in its farewell to her upon her retirement by saying: "No one has played a greater role in emergence and then dominance of CNN international newsgathering than Parisa."  Some of these historic events included Tiananmen Square, the Gulf wars, Fall of the Eastern Bloc, Tsunamis in Southeast Asia and Japan, the earthquake in Haiti, the Arab Spring and what has transpired in the region since, just to name a few.
A top CNN executive for over two decades, she led CNN's key international editorial relationships and finally as the first-ever global Ambassador for CNN, Khosravi regularly maintained strong working relationship with dignitaries, top officials and world leaders, ensuring editorial access and positive key strategic relationships around the world.
Khosravi is a recognized authority on safety and security matters for her meticulous and decisive management of CNN's teams as they covered the world's most dangerous hot spots, conflicts and natural disasters.  Khosravi is also an expert on leading through crisis, multiculturalism and women-in-the-workforce issues.
Khosravi will put her experience and established global relationships to use in order to make positive change happen and advance the cause of good for humanity with her new endeavor.