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Pilar Zurita

Advisor for Social Innovation
Andres Bello University

Pilar was a 2013 YouthActionNet Chile fellow who now forms part of the management team for our Chilean institute at Andres Bello University, where she serves as their Advisor for Social Innovation.  Pilar is a psychologist by training and is a co-founder of the NGO Volunteer Psychologists of Chile, an organization dedicated to meeting the mental health needs of the broader population.  While she is no longer directly involved in the day-to-day management of this organization, Pilar continues to be connected in her work as an independent consultant with the major themes that are its driving force: wellbeing in diverse contexts, with a focus on organizations; the psychology of emergencies; and professional social responsibility.  Pilar is a graduate of Diego Portales University, and has a diploma from the University of Santiago in Chile.